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What is Cardio-Metabolic Analysis?
Cardio-Metabolic Analysis is a breathing test that uses a device that measures oxygen use and carbon dioxide production. This data is measured along with heart rate during a resting test and an active exercise test.  The purpose of this testing is to expose the limitations from either the Cardiovascular, Respiratory, or Metabolic System.

Who can benefit from Cardio-Metabolic Analysis?
Everyone could benefit from testing! The American Heart Association considers VO2 Max testing, which is part of Cardio-Metabolic Analysis, is considered the gold standard when it comes to measuring cardiovascular and respiratory health. The general public to elite athletes can utilize this testing info to better improve the performance of their body to stay active, fit, and healthy.
VO2 Max & Metabolic Analysis
VO2 Max & Metabolic Analysis

Why should I test?
The resting part of the test is done laying down with the eyes closed to measure breathing while doing as little as possible. This allows us to accurately calculate resting metabolic rate which is an important number when wanting to know exactly how many calories are needed to fuel the body whether it is a workout, performance event, or just for everyday life. The test can also determine the % of carbohydrates versus fats the body uses for energy which can direct which foods should be used to fuel the body.

The active part of the testing is done in a variety of ways depending on the goal. A marathoner would want to do a treadmill protocol or if you are a triathlete we can test both treadmill and bike to get accurate data on how to train both parts of the event. During this test the data can be used to calculate VO2 Max, HR training Zones, % of workout type to use to reach goal, % of fats versus carbohydrates, cardiovascular fitness, respiratory fitness, % muscle fiber types, and more!

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