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Have you been told that you have flat feet or overpronate? Have you tried over-the-counter inserts but felt like they didn’t provide the support you needed?

Have you struggled with trying many shoes hoping that this pair will be the one that relieves your foot, knee, hip, or back pain?

We at Resonance are experts in crafting the best custom orthotic for you. With years of extensive specialized training, we can provide a custom orthotic for almost any foot or shoe type.

What is the difference between my custom orthotic at Resonance Performance Solutions versus an over-the-counter insert?
Over-the-counter inserts are not designed with your foot in mind. For some, they can be a real help and it is often what we have our patients try prior to considering custom orthotics. But an over-the-counter can’t provide the support that a well designed custom orthotic can as they are not designed to respect asymmetries of the body.
What can I expect? 
We will spend 1 hour the first session taking objective measurements to get a picture of how your body moves to figure out the best possible orthotic for you, taking into consideration your foot type, shoe options, level of activity, and objective measurements. We have found over the years that taking measurements with great details in the first session, we rarely have to make any changes to our orthotics.

We use a 3d digital scanner that is sent to our lab where they go through the very detailed process of making your custom orthotic with your foot and shoes in mind. It will take 1-2 weeks to get them back from the lab. That is a great opportunity for us to work on techniques to best help prepare you for using the orthotics.

Your second session will be the fitting where we will put them in all of your shoes that you are considering, to make sure the fit is spot on. We also will provide any treatment and exercise prescription to make sure you adapt to the orthotic as quickly as possible.

How long will it take to break them in?
We encourage all of our patients to slowly break in their orthotics over the first week wearing them more each day. It is not uncommon to have some soreness in the feet and calves for the first few weeks. If that soreness persists longer than 3 weeks we need to know so we can figure out why.

How long will my orthotics last?
Our custom orthotics will last between 1-2 years with normal to heavy wear. Because the orthotics are made with a digital can get a new pair without having to get casted again!

To find out more about this program and if it is right for you, send us an email at or call 612-643-0019.
Custom Foot Orthotics
Custom Foot Orthotics

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