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Nutritional guidance is given in a lot of different ways; however, most are done so by using inaccurate calculations that were not tested for individual differences. How our body is functioning will determine the primary fuel source it uses for the energy demands.

For example, it is possible for one person to rely on a high percentage of carbohydrates to supply energy for their body while another person relies on a high percentage of fats to supply energy. The nutritional guidance for each of these people would need to be different.

The most accurate non-invasive technique to get the required data to make this decision is through cardio-metabolic analysis. With this test we are able to measure the percentage of fats versus carbohydrates the body is using for energy, resting metabolic rate, total daily energy expenditure, speed of metabolism, and more!
Eat Right
Eat Right

At Resonance, it’s more than telling you what to eat. It’s about changing behaviors, making accurate changes, and also improving the body’s ability to handle stressors.

We use breathing techniques to improve mobility and reduce the fight or flight response as well as use cardio-metabolic analysis. This way we can ensure your body is moving and recovering well to aid in digestion because the body cannot use nutrients well when you are in a state of stress. Cardio-metabolic analysis is used to provide accurate measurements when creating meal plans.

We are also well trained in supplementation to fill any nutritional gaps that may exist in a whole food diet or areas that can be capitalized on to make improvements.

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