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Performance Training is more than just making you work hard…you can go to any gym and work hard.

Increasing performance is a multifactorial process and requires the body to be able to tolerate and respond appropriately to stressors. The level of performance one achieves will be capped and is limited based on the ability for the person to move well, eat well, recover/sleep well.

The number one system that has the ability to affect all aspects of life and the only one we have the conscious awareness to change is how we breathe. This is why all programs are started with retraining breathing to optimize diaphragmatic function, management of intra-abdominal and intra-thoracic pressures for spinal stability/mobility, and restoring the body's need for alternating movement side to side.
Like acupuncture, but different
Like acupuncture, but different

Breathing continues to guide programs through cardio-metabolic analysis which uses a device that measures the amount of oxygen the body is using, carbon dioxide being produced, and ventilation or the amount of air exchanged with the environment. This provides data to see how the Cardiovascular, Respiratory, and Metabolic systems are functioning. By exposing limitations of these systems, we can accurately prescribe programs to change the limited system and increase performance.

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