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Postural Dental Integration combines the use of Postural Restoration Institute® (PRI®) principles and dentistry. As a team, we work together with the client to improve positioning of the jaws, head and neck with the rest of the body. What this does is allows us to manage the body and incorporate changes much easier as we are creating balance to the nervous system and improving size, position, and function of the airway.

We do this most often with mouth night guards (also called occlusal orthotics) that are worn on the lower teeth. Much like a foot orthotic, these devices are designed to guide movement and provide a stable reference point for the body to allow the nervous system to regulate muscle tension, sense of grounding, and much more. Both the dentist and PRI® certified physical therapist are involved in the fitting and adjustments of these devices to ensure accuracy and that the contact points are pleasing to the nervous system.

Our goal is to help you overcome many different body pains most often at the head, neck, and jaw; but also improve muscle tension, headaches, whiplash, post concussion, dizziness, walking mechanics, anxiety, sleep, and many other problems.

These appliances can accelerate your recovery by helping to position your body in a neutral state that allows the nervous system to be balanced. This allows for bodily resources to be used for healing and recovery rather than constantly fighting a losing battle when the body is stuck in flight or fight mode.

To find out more about this program and if it is right for you, send us an email at Info@Resonate2Perform or call 612-643-0019.
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