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Below you’ll find a brief selection of manual physical therapy reviews and injury-recovery success stories from our patients in Lino Lakes MN. Read what they have to say about the results they enjoyed with our hands-on approach to injury recovery, reducing pain, increasing mobility, and living an active lifestyle.
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Stephani overcame back pain and is now going on bike rides over an hour without fear of pain.​

"I have had chronic pain since nine years old and have gone in for physical therapy before. When you get the same treatment, you get the same results. I decided to live through the pain.

Fifteen years later my aunt convinced me to try again and that’s where Tom comes in. What I didn’t know before working with Tom is that the headaches, the hip instability, the joint cracking, the tension in my body, the teeth movement, the TMJ, trouble swallowing, along with chronic knee pain, were all connected. Not only is Tom working with me on the chronic knee pain I identified myself, but we are working through all the various pieces of my body that should work together.

After working with Tom for a couple months I have had a stretch of 19 days straight where I haven’t had any pain, which hasn’t happened in the last 15 years. "

Kenton P. reduced knee pain and is back to training for the Twin Cities Marathon.

"So early in 2019, I did some research to find the best Physical Therapist for runners that I could find and I came across Resonance Physiotherapy & Sports Performance.

Working with Tom has been the best decision I made for my shot at running Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon in 2019. I saw him for 6 visits and he worked from the ground up correcting my posture and allowed me to ramp up my training pretty quickly after a couple of months of barely any running. I feel like he addressed the root cause of the problem and I'm confident that the tools/techniques he taught me will help me get back to setting PR's pain free! Not only am I pain free, but I feel like a more efficient (faster) runner :)

If you're a runner and are experiencing any pain/soreness that you feel is limiting you, I highly recommend this clinic and believe they will help you become a more efficient/faster runner as well!"

Megan overcame years of back pain and is now back to her active life with her 4 kids!

"Tom is great! I went in with lower back pain/SI joint pain that I've had ever since I had my 4th kid 5 years ago. He walked and talked me through the steps I need to take to not only get better but stay better.

I'm currently on my 9th visit and have more knowledge and a hope that this is fixable for good and is not something that should be rubbed out, adjusted or shot up with a cortisone shot only for a temporary fix. His technique is to change/retrain the way you move completely. I have had no pain since I've started working with Tom. I'm much more in tune with my body and aware of how to move and sit in order to keep my body aligned and functional without pain.

If you're willing to put in the work, you will NOT be disappointed with the outcome."

Kate balanced her body, improved her quality of life, and is living chronic-pain free!

"Dr. Tardif is a miracle worker, and I don't say that lightly. His work has changed my life, eliminated chronic pain and set me up for a much improved quality of life. I had no idea how badly my body was imbalanced, and how those imbalances caused all the chronic pain I had.          

​I thought it was just something I was going to have to live with. I'm so grateful for his care and what he's done for me."
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